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"Let It Shine"  DVD & CD Bundle
Let It Shine CD from Listener Kids. Featuring: This Little Light Of Mine
"Let It Shine" CD & "There Is A Star" CD Bundle
"Let it Shine" DVD & CD and "There is a Star" DVD & CD
"Let It Shine" Video (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)
"Sunday School POP" DVD & CD Bundle
"There Is A Star" Christmas DVD & CD Bundle
"There is a Star" DVD & "Let It Shine" DVD
"There Is A Star" Lullaby Christmas CD
3 Christmas Bible-Studies with Printable Activities
6 DVD Bundle of "Sunday School POP"
6 DVD Bundle of "There Is A Star" Christmas
6 DVD's Bundle of "Let It Shine"
Arrow T Shirt "Jesus Loves Me"
Sold Out
Assorted stickers!
CD:  Sunday School Pop  [Vol. 2]
DVD:  Sunday School POP  [Vol. 2]
DVD: "Let It Shine" [Vol 1]
DVD: There is a star, Silent Night, & Joy To The World
DVDS: Vol 1 & Vol 2 -Let it Shine & Sunday School Pop
Full Length Christmas Album (DIGITAL DOWNLOAD)
Head Shoulders Knees Toes by Listener Kids
Jesus Loves Me Video (Digital Download)
let it shine t shirt from Listener kids