BUNDLE: Vol. 1-5 DVD

$ 44.99
5 DVD Bundle:

Vol. 1 "Let It Shine" - 15:38 minutes total playtime
(Includes karaoke instrumental versions)

1. This Little Light Of Mine
2. I’ve Got The Joy Joy Joy
3. Peace Like A River
4. Happy And You Know It
5. Mighty God
6. Jesus Loves Me (REMIX)

Vol. 2 "Sunday School POP" - 14:55 minutes total playtime

1. This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made
2. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
3. Praise Ye The Lord
4. I Am A C-H
5. The B-I-B-L-E
6. Head Shoulders Knees & Toes

Vol. 3 "Arky Arky" - 14:56 minutes total playtime

1. Arky Arky
2. If You're Happy & You Know It (Arky Arky Mix)
3. I Have Decided To Follow Jesus
4. Peace Like A River (Arky Arky Mix)
5. Rejoice In The Lord Always
6. The Whole World (Arky Arky Mix)

Vol. 4 "Jesus Loves Me" - 14:58 minutes total playtime

1. Jesus Loves Me (Original version)
2. Peace Like A River (Playtime mix)
3. Deep and Wide (Playtime mix)
4. Joy Joy Joy (Playtime mix)
5. Happy and You Know It (Playtime mix)

Vol. 5 "My God Is so Big" - 19 minutes total playtime
(Includes sing-along lyric versions)
1. J-E-S-U-S
2. Oh When The Saints
3. My God is So Big
4. Down By The Riverside
5. Clap Your Hands
6. I've Got A River of Life
7. Do Lord Oh Do Lord
8. Alive Alive

* Does not include "Lullabies" or "There Is A Star" (Christmas)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Linda Myers
Children’s music

I actually had these direct shipped to my great grandsons. I had listened to them on YouTube and loved them!

kerri shoemaker
Great songs, could be combined

Love these songs for my little one! These could easily be combined to fewer discs.

Andrew Scheltens

Great videos.

Carlos Gonzalez
Love it so much!

The DVD set I purchased for my grandson is amazing! Everytime it's on he walks right up to the tv with a big smile on his face! It's so sweet to see. I am so appreciative of the thought, and care that went in to creating these for little ones. I couldn't be more pleased. A purchase that was well worth it! God please continue to bless this business, as they minister into the hearts of children, the love and joy of Jesus! Thank you! :)

Niesia White
Our family loves listener kids

These DVDs are great! I wish there was more but I know there will be more to come!