BUNDLE: Vol. 1-4 DVD & CD

$ 59.99
Get both the DVDs and the CDs of Vol. 1-4!

Vol. 1 "Let It Shine" - 15:38 minutes total playtime

1. This Little Light Of Mine
2. I’ve Got The Joy Joy Joy
3. Peace Like A River
4. Happy And You Know It
5. Mighty God
6. Jesus Loves Me (REMIX)

Vol. 2 "Sunday School POP" - 14:55 minutes total playtime

1. This Is The Day That The Lord Has Made
2. He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
3. Praise Ye The Lord
4. I Am A C-H
5. The B-I-B-L-E
6. Head Shoulders Knees & Toes

Vol. 3 "Arky Arky" - 14:56 minutes total playtime

1. Arky Arky
2. If You're Happy & You Know It (Arky Arky Mix)
3. I Have Decided To Follow Jesus
4. Peace Like A River (Arky Arky Mix)
5. Rejoice In The Lord Always
6. The Whole World (Arky Arky Mix)

Vol. 4 "Jesus Loves Me" - 14:58 minutes total playtime

1. Jesus Loves Me (Original version)
2. Peace Like A River (Playtime mix)
3. Deep and Wide (Playtime mix)
4. Joy Joy Joy (Playtime mix)
5. Happy and You Know It (Playtime mix)

* Does not include "Lullabies" or "There Is A Star" (Christmas)


Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Amanda Collins
Great product

Love this product. My daughter loves listener kids. Her favorite characters are Jack and Scarlett. We play it for her all the time especially on car trips. Well worth the money.

Good but short

I bought these as an Easter present. My family is happy to not skip ads, but the DVDs are short. The CDs are nice.

Samantha Smith
We love it!!

Honest review here, since these are available on YouTube for an hour duration we rather watch it there. It would be nice to get all of these on one disc to be able to watch I feel they are too short and it’s a hassle having to change out the DVD but the content is excellent we love it!! ♥️

Audrey Jones
BUNDLE: All 6 DVDs & CDs

These have been a fabulous addition to my grandchildren's daily lives. They can watch the DVD's when at home and we listen to the CD's in the car during our travels. It is SO precious to hear their little voices singing along to the truth they're learning! I highly recommend this bundle so if you're on the fence, jump in and order a set! Excellent value!

Jamie Butler

We love the videos as they are a great alternative to some of the other children's music. I didn't realize there are only 6 songs per disc/dvd making it tedious to change out disc's since our 1.5yr old LOVES these videos and wants to watch them over and over. I wish I would have spent my money on their digital package, it would have costed less and been easier to navigate vs physical disc's. I was also disappointed that these didn't have "clap your hands all ye people" on them since that on is a definite favorite of our sons. We are still enjoying these despite the things I've stated above. We look forward to listening to the new videos and characters they are releasing!