Snuggle up with your littles tonight for this short devotional.

Ask these questions and say your bedtime prayers, then cuddle up and hit play on the This Little Light of Mine lullaby as they doze off to sleep. 

What happens if I turn your lamp on, then put a blanket on top of it? 

We can’t see the light anymore! That’d be silly because we turned it on to make the room brighter.💡 

Just like we wouldn’t turn a lamp on to cover it up, Jesus doesn’t want us to cover up our love for Him. He wants us to let it shine bright so that everyone knows just how much we love Him! 💖

🙏 Let’s pray and thank Jesus that we get to be bright lights showing off His love and goodness.

Lullaby: This Little Light of Mine from Listener Kids on Vimeo.

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