About Listener Kids

We create videos kids love, with values parents approve.

More and more families are looking for faith-based entertainment that will teach kids Christian values.

Listener Kids is the leading creator of fun Christ-centered videos and songs every bit as good, if not better, than secular kids’ content.

You can have peace of mind about the entertainment your kids love.

At Listener Kids you’ll find Sunday school classics with a modern twist. Our music videos get kids singing and dancing while teaching values that parents approve of.

With 2 kids under 6 of his own, founder Jonny MacIntosh saw a big gap between mainstream kids music and values-based music. He couldn't find resources that brought back the Sunday school classics in a high quality, exciting way.

Being a busy parent, finding entertainment for his kids that taught biblical values and scripture wasn't easy. He saw the need to shed light on those truths in a brighter, creative way.

So, he created exactly that. 

As a Grammy nominated music producer, Jonny knew what it took to create quality Christian music. So he set to reviving the classics -  Jesus Loves MeThis Little Light of MineThe B-I-B-L-E.

At Listener Kids you’ll find Sunday School classics with a modern twist. And you might even find your little ones dancing around the room before you know it!