DVD: "Let It Shine" [Vol. 1]

$ 12.99
"Let It Shine" DVD
(Includes karaoke instrumental versions)
1. This Little Light Of Mine
2. I’ve Got The Joy Joy Joy
3. Peace Like A River
4. Happy And You Know It
5. Mighty God
6. Jesus Loves Me (REMIX)

15:38 minutes total playing time


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    Nancy Domino
    Fantastic DVD!

    I bought this DVD for my 3-year-old grandson who loves Sunday School songs at his church. I personally love the song, "Let It Shine" and I know he will too. My 14-month-old granddaughter loves it as well. When that song comes on, she stops doing whatever she's doing and starts marching, clapping, and praising the Lord! I Love it.

    Olivia Roberts
    Absolutely Love It

    My daughter has adhd and suspected autism. My niece also has autism. Listener kids is the only thing that helps them calm down from a tantrum! I also absolutely love that they are getting the love of Jesus during all of it. My daughter sings all of these songs throughout the day!

    Let it shine

    Graphics and music brought a more modern touch to some classic children's songs.

    Nate & Meagan Green
    Own it! : -D

    We have watched this SO MANY TIMES online over the years (w/6kids) The 10-and-under crowd still enjoy it, and the older ones still absorb it without the pushback of being for little kids- I’ve got a DVD player in our vehicle, so it’s a fun pick-me up refill of God’s Truth when the errands start taking a bit too long.

    Elizabeth Erdmann
    Shine & Shout!

    Me & our granddaughters LOVE Listener Kids!! Especially Shine!! Great DVD!!