BUNDLE: "Jesus Loves Me" [Vol. 4] DVD & CD

$ 19.99

Get both the "Jesus Loves Me" DVD & CD!

The original "Jesus Loves Me" song.
Plus, gentle and mellow versions of your favorite Sunday school classics.

1. Jesus Loves Me (Original version)
2. Peace Like A River (Playtime mix)
3. Deep and Wide (Playtime mix)
4. Joy Joy Joy (Playtime mix)
5. Happy and You Know It (Playtime mix)

14:58 minutes total playtime

Customer Reviews

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Brindie Frye

MUSIC DOWNLOAD: "Jesus Loves Me" [Vol. 4]

Rebekah King
Great music

Perfect for our Little ones and came right on time!

Tammy M.
Great product!

My granddaughter has just loved Listener Kids' videos and her favourite song is Jesus Loves Me. Entertaining to young ones while sharing biblical truth. I highly recommend all the products!

Cathy Fontenot
We LOVE the DVD: "Jesus Loves Me" [Vol. 4]

My grandson is only 5 months old, but he LOVES watching the videos in the mornings as our praise and worship time! His face lights up, and he gives the biggest smile. His favorite is Pearl, the Panda. Thanks for making the videos!

June Tipton
Singing for children by children

There were several things to like about this recording which for me were the vocal quality of singing by the children, a discreet accompaniment that did not dominate, and that the words, diction were clear.. These were paramount to me as I searched for such a recording of Sunday School songs for a gift.
However, I would have appreciated shorter spaces of time between songs which I thought made it lag too much. Also, at the same time, the accompaniment, though rather charming, to me was too thin with too much focus on only a treble pitch range. Though I was pleased that the more raucous, "rock and roll" instruments were not used as one often hears, still the thin treble instruments were too nuch the opposite. Those are my thoughts, and I do appreciate the overall quality of work. Thank you! .


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