DVD: "My God is So Big" [Vol. 5]

$ 12.99

DVD: "My God is So Big" Volume 5
(Includes sing-along lyric versions)

1. J-E-S-U-S
2. Oh When the Saints
3. My God is So Big
4. Down By the Riverside
5. Clap Your Hands
6. I've Got A River of Life
7. Do Lord Oh Do Lord
8. Alive Alive

19 minutes total playtime

Customer Reviews

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Cathy Fontenot
WE LOVE the DVD: "My God is So Big" [Vol. 5]?

My grandson is only 5 months old, but he LOVES watching the videos in the mornings as our praise and worship time! His face lights up, and he gives the biggest smile. His favorite is Pearl, the Panda. Thanks for making the videos!

Sherry L Baltimore
My God is so Big!

LOVE ALL these DVDs!! I plan on getting more as they are available! Many thanks and God Bless you!

Danielle Barron
Love it!

We enjoy all the music and videos from LK. There were songs I knew from when I was younger and one really impacted me - I needed to hear it as a reminder of God's goodness. My child enjoys the new characters. I thought it was great they added extra songs this time. Highly recommend.

Jim Cuthbertson

Amazing as always and our 2’s & 3’s class loves this DVD as much as all the others!