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- Fun, upbeat versions of the Sunday School Classics.

- All the songs you know and love re-done for this generation.

- Your kids will be learn biblical values and memorize scripture all while singing, dancing and having so much fun.

Whats included:

Volume 1 “Let it Shine”

  • This Little Light Of Mine
  • I've Got The Joy Joy Joy
  • Peace Like A River
  • If You're Happy & You Know It
  • What A Mighty God
  • Jesus Loves Me (REMIX)

Volume 2 “Sunday School Pop”

  • This is the Day that the Lord Has Made
  • He's Got The Whole World In His Hands 
  • Praise Ye The Lord 
  • I Am A C-H 
  • The B-I-B-L-E
  • Head Shoulders Knees & Toes

Volume 3 “Arky Arky”

  • Arky Arky 
  • If You're Happy & You Know It (Arky Arky Mix)Praise Ye The Lord 
  • I Have Decided To Follow Jesus 
  • Peace Like A River (Arky Arky Mix) Head Shoulders Knees & Toes
  • Rejoice In The Lord Always 
  • The Whole World (Arky Arky Mix)

Volume 4 “Jesus Loves Me”

  • Jesus Loves Me (Original version) 
  • Peace Like A River (Playtime mix) 
  • Deep and Wide (Playtime mix) 
  • Joy Joy Joy (Playtime mix) 
  • Happy and You Know It (Playtime mix)

Lullabies (Instrumental Versions of the Sunday School the classics)

  • This Little Light of Mine (Lullaby) 
  • Jesus Loves the Little Children (Lullaby) 
  • The B-I-B-L-E (Lullaby) 
  • Jesus Loves Me (Lullaby) 
  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Lullaby) 
  • He's Got the Whole World (Lullaby) 
  • Praise Ye The Lord (Lullaby) 
  • I've Got the Joy Joy Joy (Lullaby)

Christmas “There is a Star”

  • There is a Star
  • Silent Night
  • Joy to the World

Jack & Scarlett Bible Verses

  • Theme 1
  • Theme 2
  • Theme 3

Other Videos

The Itsy Bitsy Spider 

CJ & Friend Dance Videos 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Jenna Simmons
My son LOVES these!

Highly recommend! These are the only shows my baby enjoys watching!

Cameron McGough
Great Kid Videos

Loved each if the videos. I wish they all had lyrics attached, but even without lyrics on some songs, they still are beautiful.

Gaynelle S.


Armal P.
Listener kids Videos

Loved the quality of the videos, the music and the visuals are very kid-friendly for any age group. Please make more.

Donald G.
Great content

Easy to purchase and download. Great wholesome videos.

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How many times can I download?

Each purchase comes with 5 downloads. This should be enough for you to download to your computer, iPad mobile phones, and more. We want you to have access to these videos on every device you own.

Can we use these in church services?

Absolutely! We are currently working on an all inclusive church license but for now, you are free to use them. We will be notifying our customers about church policies as they change in the future.

What about new videos after I purchase?

Unfortunately this only includes all videos that are currently for sale. Future video releases will increase the price of this purchase as it grows. You can download new releases individually as they are released to add to this collection.